Enrich your personalwindows desktop

With PureDesktop you can improve your Windows desktop easily and quickly. Everything you need in one tool. And it's completely free to use!

Everything you need to create your custom wallpaper

Rich Designer

Easy to use built-in designer

Super Fast

Optimized for high performance and beautiful graphics

Highly Efficient

The PC is hardly utilized and thus saves battery


The software is completely extensible and customizable

Rich settings

Completely customizable to your needs

Completly free

The software is completely free. No in-app store, no subscription, nothing!

Don't be like everyone else

A must have

Are you tired of starting your (working) day with a boring static picture every time? Then simply design your own wallpaper. With great animations, texts, information, equalizers, videos, and much more.

Many Design Elements

The software offers a variety of different design elements. You can freely use, customize and overlap them. This offers you endless design possibilities. Let your creativity run wild and create your own wallpaper.


By creating projects and setting a default project, you can work on new wallpapers at ease without losing your old designs.


The software is very well optimized and runs on almost any Windows 7 or newer computer. Not only do the animated wallpapers run smoothly and without stutters on the screen, but they also require very few resources. So you can work undisturbed without your applications having to lose performance.

Thanks to PureDesktop I was able to create my own wallpaper in a short time. Super easy and super fast.

Katherine Glenn
Satisfied customer
For everyone

Easy as pie

We have designed the software so that everyone can enjoy a homemade wallpaper. The software is designed to be intuitive and self-explanatory.

Easy configuration

Each design element has its own configuration window, in which you can easily make the individual settings. The settings are directly applied and displayed, so you can immediately see whether you like the change or not. A "Save" button is not needed here.

Many features

And the software offers other helpful features. You can rotate, move and resize the individual elements live. And to make the elements fit properly, you can even align them to a grid. So you don't have to experiment with magic numbers. The software does the "docking" for you. Isn't that convenient?

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